Many would like to know the real issue of life, what is beyond and above, and may fancy or follow the ones who can talk about or even testify of an out of range experience, insight, bliss, awareness.

The purpose of the Sadhaka Club is to share with each one who wishes the keys for independent absolute knowldege, free from any subordination to any authority or to any specifically acknowledged human or institution, and for a really simple reason. When you eat, you eat, when you walk, you walk, when you feel, you feel. What experiment the others have no value for what happens inside of you, you must be there, in full consciousness in yourself!


And what is the key?


It comes through awareness, because without it you are a second hand person, and there cannot be the needed balance which brings health, physical, energetical, emotional, psychological. Once awareness is settled through mindfulness, comes agami yoga, which provides you the exact presence to regulate your agami karma .

Come and join us in the journey in a new life where you are the real chakravarti, the real actor of your destiny.

Which outcomes to expect?

Natural understanding on how to deserve more than to steal, to live peace more than war, ending of expectations, mindfulness of what is, an other way of sharing, of living true health, with no stress, no fears, no violence and with a magnified prana and accurate doing.

And finally, awareness of the relationship between consciousness and soul which leads to the awakening of the whole process of individual life and death.

This will be implemented in selected lodges, hotels or Ayurvedic Centers ( in order to optimize the effects of treatments and an easier return to full health.

Opening  2024



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